28mm Modern Task Force Raptor

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Task Force Raptor

The latest figures from Footsore Modern are representing Special Forces and Intelligence Agencies from Task Force Raptor. Task Force Raptor was a Hunter Killer unit comprised of Tier one units of Americans and British Forces operating In Iraq in the 2008 time period.

Footsore: Modern, with the help of sculptor Stavros Zouliatis brings these SOF units to life for current and future operational environments. The first team of four represent actual operators with there nicknames. The figures are equipped with latest Guns and Gear. HK 416's and Glock 19's. Combat belts with chemlights, extra mag pouches and medical equipment. The plate carriers are set up with multiple admin, medical and magazine pouches. One of the Troop SGM of TF Raptor supported us with technical advising of these figures. His figure and the Troop commander are both represented with dual coms and even the Troop SGM has his trusty Randall Knife.

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