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The Battle of Hastings is arguably the most important battle fought on English soil. Occurring on 14th October 1066, Duke William of Normandy fought King Harold of England for the throne of England.

The Norman victory threw a well organised, mostly peaceful Saxon society into chaos and completely changed the cultural society from 'folk-right' to 'Feudalism'; changing individual rights and land ownership irrevocably.

The Normans however did not have it all their own way, it took ten years to conqueror England and many more for the Normans to bring Wales, Scotland and Ireland into their fold.

The anarchy of Norman Lordship over the British Isles lasted for centuries and our relationship with France, as a consequence of Norman politicking, was destined to be confrontational, (which is great news for us wargamers).

The impact of the Norman victory, and the changes to society, are felt to this day.

To celebrate this huge battle we have put some Hastings deals together for you covering both sides. We will take this opportunity to support ManHealth, a charity focussing on peer support for men with depression and other Mental Health Issues. This cause has been highlighted by Lewis Kirkbride and the 1066 Battle Walk he has recently completed.

A generous amount from each deal will go to Lewis's cause and you can still donate at if you would like to.

These deals will be produced to order so in the current climate of Covid-19 there may be a little waiting time before they are shipped.

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