SASM 28mm Modern Miniatures

The idea behind Special Artizan Service Miniatures (SASM) was to create miniatures that I actually want to play with. Being a gamer since the age of four, I also wanted to give back to the gaming community, and I thought the best way to do that was to offer miniatures and accessories that would accommodate other modern miniatures ranges.

Why modern? Being a contractor in Iraq during parts of 2004 and 2005 as well as a tactical weapons instructor for law enforcement and contractors, I felt I could use this knowledge with weapons, vehicles, gear and other equipment bringing it to the gaming table.
I draw my inspiration from what occurs in the world today. I do my best to bring the latest gear and weapons to our miniatures so you can play the latest conflicts.

~Tim Spakowski 

66 results
15mm Ukrainian Kozak 2
28m British Decals
28mm  French 1 er RPIMa
28mm  Polish GROM ALFA
28mm Afghan Decals
28mm Canadian Decals
28mm European Civilians
28mm French Decals
28mm French Foreign Legion
28mm GROM Decals
28mm Jesus Evil Green Statue
28mm Mexican Cartel Members

66 results

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